Yunnan Litto Chemicals Corporation once was called Kunming Jiaxinde Chemicals Cor. which was established in 1995,the company main products include insecticide,herbicide, fungicide,plant growth regulator,organic fertilizer,the other field is makeup raw materials,Litto chemicals owns an area of more than 20,000 square meters warehouse in Kunming,it has two jointed ventrue factories,one in Jiangsu,the other one in Chongqing.

The company with a professional foreign trade division composited by experience staff, In Musel (Jiegao) of Myanmar,Hanoi,Lao cai of Vietnam,it has established three offices.

More,Jiaxinde Chemicals(Hongkong)International Limited is our branch in HongKong.

Yunnan Litto Chemicals Corporation products such as Potassium humate,Fulvic acid,Seaweed extract powder,Enzymatic Hydrolysis Compound Amino acid powder (OMRI LISTED), EDDHA-Fe,Brassinolide,Gibberellic acid,Triacontanol,3-CPA,4-CPA,S-Abscisic Acid,1-Naphthyl-acetamide,1-Naphthalene acetic acid,Indole acetic acid,3-Indole butyric acid, Folcisteine and the other field Dicumyl peroxide,AC blowing agent,H blowing agent has been exported to Southeast Asia,American,Middle east and more than 40 countries.

Since founded 20 years ago,in order to supply adequate,full range and high-quality product as well as after-sales service to win the trust of official large users and looking to the future, Based on the principle of mutual benefit, our company sincerely hopes to continue to colleague who in the same field,to work together for a better tomorrow.

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