Propyldihydrojasmonate PDJ 95%TC


Propyldihydrojasmonate PDJ 95%TC cytokinin plant growth regulator cas 158474-72-7 for fruit coloring

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Propyldihydrojasmonate PDJ 95%TC cytokinin plant growth regulator cas 158474-72-7 for fruit coloring

Propyl dihydrojasmonate (PDJ) 95%TC and 5% liquid

Product name:Propyl dihydrojasmonate 
Other name:PDJ

Classification:plant growth regulator
CAS No.:158474-72-7
Molecular Formula:C15H26O3
Molecular weight:254.37
Melting point:145.3℃
Boiling point:340.2℃ at 760 mmHg
Specific gravity:0.967g/cm3
Appearance:colorless,transparent liquid for 95%TC,light yellow transparent liguid for 5%.
Purity: 96% min
Storage: Sealed in dry place at a low temperature 0-6℃

Product introduction:
Propyl dihydropyjasmonate (PDJ) is a synthetic class of jasmonic acid derivatives with high biological activity. 
Compared with JA and JA. Me, PDJ has better chemical stability, lower volatility, longer duration of physiological characteristics. 
PDJ is more effective than JA at low concentrations and it is considered to be a more useful jasmonic acid compound.

1.PDJ can significantly increase the Fujiminori grape spike, single grain weight and soluble solids content, and promote fruit coloring.
PDJ can be used directly or mixed with amino acids, trace fertilizers. Compared with Abscisic acid and Ethephon, it will not produce the deciduous phenomenon, and can promote the healthy maturation of grapes, cherries and apples in advance and perfect coloring.

2.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently approved Blush, a plant growth regulator (PGR) product from Fine Agrochemicals. Blush’s active ingredient is propyl jasmonate (PDJ), which is used to improve red apple fruit color. Propyl jasmonate is a synthetic plant growth regulator. It has the same function and similar mode of action as jasmonate (JA) which is a ubiquitous natural plant regulator of vascular plants, and is less toxic to the environment.


3. PDJ can improve the capacity of drought-resistant drought-resistant antiviral rice such as rice, corn and wheat.

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